To empower the students with modern Technology to explore the knowledge at the maximum extent, the devices like Touch-Tablets preloaded with e-content enable students to learn fast, retain and express effectively and efficiently.

Tablets promote :

  • Prepares students to acquire basic skill of using modern electronic devices.
  • Reinforcement of subject content.
  • Tablets promote learning at any time and any place.
  • Promote peer learning, activity based learning at own pace, joyful learning, flip learning among students.
  • Facilitates teachers to given online assignment and assess the students’ performance digitally.
  • Teachers can customize teaching-learning program according to the level of individual students.
    • In pilot project (E-Prajna) 5000 Touch-Tablets preloaded with e-content have been procured and distributed among students of class – VIII and teachers of 25 KendriyaVidyalayas (one in each Region) during academic session 2017-18.